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Why Should I Use a Licensed Plumber

Posted by on March 18, 2014

Why is it so important that I use a licensed plumber?

This type of question is often asked and there is a good answer provided. Nowadays, almost everyone wants to save money where they can. If it’s in your own home and you are capable of doing the work yourself, then it may be legal to do it without calling a licensed plumber. This is something you need to check.

There are several reasons to use a professional and a licensed plumber. The most important reason is for you and your family’s health and safety! The main reason for city codes and permits is for the health and safety of the members of a community. The quality of work in your home must be maintained, and when it isn’t, your home and therefore your family could be at risk of injury.

Building Codes and Permits

As in many professions, there are many more ways to do a project wrong, rather than to do a project right. That is an axiom that is especially true when it comes to plumbing problems or issues around the home. A licensed plumber must know all of the relevant state and city codes and requirements for changing out water heaters or any other plumbing work, as well as health and safety codes that apply.

One requirement is that a permit is required to change and install a hot water heater. The only two people allowed to pull a permit are a licensed plumber or the homeowner, and then only if they are going to do the work themselves. In addition, if you are the homeowner, you cannot have your neighbor or another person come over and help you change your hot water heater out.

There are also people that work as a Handyman or a general repairperson. They have possibly worked with a hot water heater like that in the past, but they normally do not have all the right materials or skill to complete a repair or water heater replacement, or necessarily the expertise to know what to do in the event of a real problem or issue.

A licensed plumber has done all the necessary training to get their license. They are qualified to deal with your plumbing issues in a safe and legal way. We highly recommend using a licensed plumber for all your plumbing repairs, maintenance and installations.

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