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What is a Gas Plumber

Posted by on February 14, 2014

A licensed gas plumber is a professional tradesperson who specialises in the installation, repair and maintenance of gas plumbing and fittings. This ranges from regulator valves to gas appliances like hot water systems and stoves. Due to concerns about the safety of gas ignitions, the practice of gas plumbing is regulated by law in all regions of Australia. Gas plumbers must complete an apprenticeship at a TAFE and demonstrate competency skills on an exam before they will be allowed to practice independently as a gas plumber in Australia.

Its common that most people associate plumbing specifically with water, but in fact plumbing is used to move a wide variety of fluids such as gases. Gas plumbers also under go work with gases used for fuel and heat, such as propane and natural gas. Gas plumbers are able to install gas tanks or connections to main gas mains, along with plumbing in a home which is designed to carry gas, and safety regulators and associated devices. They are also involved in the repair and maintenance of gas lines from those in homes and large businesses, which rely on gas for their day to day operations.

A gas plumber can also work for a government municipality, conducting or supervising installations and safety inspections with gas. He or she can also work for a professional gas company, or as an independent gas plumbing contractor. A gas-plumbing job requires a very exacting and precise personality, because leaks in gas lines and gas appliances can be very dangerously in addition to destructive. Gas plumbers need to be familiar with a variety of fittings and fixtures and important safety procedures and they must be able to identify problems before they occur.

Because gas leaks are such a safety risk and hazard to people, many regions have gas plumbers who work for emergency services, responding along with firemen and emergency services personnel to the site of a suspected gas leak, or to a fire and explosion which has been caused by gas. Gas plumbers often provide twenty four hour service for clients who develop problems with their gas lines, although customers may need to pay for these services.

New homes and constructions being plumbed for gas require the services of a gas plumber, as do structures being retrofitted to accommodate gas, and once gas lines are installed, they need to be regularly and routinely maintained and repaired to reduce the risk of damage, injury, or even death. Gas appliances also require maintenance and periodic replacement over time.


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