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Information and Advice about Blocked Drains in Sydney

Posted by on May 26, 2020

Hello reader, it’s nice to have your attention today on the subject of drain clogging and unclogging. By reading this blocked drain in Sydney expert guide, you are going to learn the common causes of drain blockages, the common tools used in unclogging drains and the right professionals to reach out to when you have a drain that is clogged. If you are ready for that, let’s get started with the common causes of drain blockages.

Common Causes of Drain Blockages

Your drain system can get blocked as a result of a build-up of many foreign objects within it. Those objects include but not limited to silt, grease, polythene bags, leaves, and hair. Apart from that, the system can get clogged due to a structural breakage or defect occasioned by tree roots, subsidence and corrosion.

If clogged or blocked, your drainage system can make your home quite uncomfortable and hazardous to live in. Imagine having a sink, shower, tub or worst of it all, a toilet that’s not able to drain because of a clogged drainage system! The room will develop an unpleasant smell that attracts flies and other animals that can transmit a myriad of health conditions. Some serious conditions that may arise from that include typhoid, dysentery, and cholera diarrhea. That’s not to mention certain helminth infections as well as eye infections like epidemic conjunctivitis and trachoma.

Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Well, do not overlook a clogged drain. If you have a blocked drain in Sydney, you can count on Mr Plumber Sydney to unclog it. These professionals provide 24/7 and reliable drain unblocking and cleaning services to residents of Sydney, using expert knowledge, industry experience and cutting-edge tools.

Common Tools Used in Unclogging Drains

It goes without saying that clogged or blocked drains can be fixed using a myriad of tools out there. Some essential tools are snakes, wire brushes, and plungers. Snakes are long, flexible, tube-like wire tools designed to push blockages the rest of the way down the pipe in the process of drain cleaning. Wire brushes, on the other hand, help clean the sticky and messy substances leftover after drains have been unclogged or unblocked, using snakes among other essential tools. Whereas plungers work with a thrusting or plunging movement to suction and get the clogged or blocked drain working again. All these essential tools are important possessions of any serious company that fixes drainage systems that have failed.

Don’t Overlook a Clogged or Blocked Drain Problem

Having a clogged or blocked drainage system can be quite frustrating for a homeowner. Imagine having a sink, or bathroom that will not drain off the dirty water that has been used simply because the drain system is clogged or blocked. The impact of this on the comfort and the health of both you and your family can be significant. The stranded water may rot and start smelling, causing your kitchen or bathroom to attract flies and other animals that can transmit a wide range of diseases. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook a clogged or blocked drain problem. If you are looking for a reliable blocked drain in Sydney contractor, we recommend Mr Plumber Sydney. That’s because this contractor has the expertise & skills, the experience, and the tools necessary to tackle all drainage system issues.

You can contact Mr Plumber Sydney any time be it day or night for all your emergency plumbing work.

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