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Hot Water System in Sydney

Posted by on July 6, 2020

Hot water systems are essential pieces of equipment that assist in enhancing the level of comfort in many homes. Therefore, if you care about the comfort of your loved ones, then you need to get a hot water installation plumber that will assist you in the installation process. There are some critical factors that you should consider to make the entire process a success. Below are some of the important things to keep in mind when installing a hot water system in Sydney.

Types of heaters

Generally, all hot water systems are not the same, and that is probably one of the first things that you need to consider before commencing with the project. If you are not conversant with the available types of hot water systems and the best set up that can suit your home, Mr Plumber Sydney can assist you. The common water heaters include:

  • Storage tank

This hot water system is the most common option you will find in many households today. The water in the storage tank is normally heated continually by propane, natural gas, or electricity. Once you turn on any of your faucets, the hot water on top of the tank typically flows down to replace the cold one, giving you a continuous supply of hot water.

  • Heat pump:

This option utilizes electricity to transfer heat from one place to another. You can utilize it to run your air conditioner or just as a stand-alone machine for heating water in your home.

  • Tankless system:

Tankless models are also referred to as demand water heating systems. In this kind of setup, water can only get heated when it flows through. However, the water will immediately become hot, which means you do not need a tank. A tankless system can be an excellent option for homeowners because it is easy to set up and less costly as well.

  •  Solar:

In this kind of set up, the water is typically heated by energy from the sun. If your water is not hot enough, your hot water system will revert to the conventional heater to bring water to your preferred temperature.

Installation space

When you are thinking about installing a hot water system in Sydney, you need to ensure that there is enough space for your unit. Generally, a tankless water system does not take up a lot of space when compared to the conventional models. If you have limited space, there are many other options out there. Just contact Mr Plumber Sydney for expert advice.

Source of fuel

Just like your furnace, a hot water system uses electricity or gas to operate. If your present model is gas-fired, then you need to check with your plumbing service whether it uses natural gas or propane. Many homes use electricity or gas for energy. An electric unit can considerably run your meter up. On the other hand, gas hot water systems are less costly compared to electric and propane models. Select the unit that is more affordable and convenient for you.

Storage capacity

When purchasing a hot water system in Sydney, you need to consider the amount of hot water your family uses daily. It would be best if you had a hot water system that has the right capacity for your household. We are not only referring to the amount of water the unit can store but how fast it can heat your water as well. In this case, you need to consider the installation area available, the number of individuals who live there and your household usage.

Energy efficiency

The water heater’s energy efficiency is also an essential part of your purchase decision if you want a unit that can save you cash in the long run. Plumbing experts recommend going for hot water systems that include an Energy Star sticker. Buying an Energy Star-certified unit means you will be getting a high-quality and reliable system. Also, check the EF (Energy Factor) in the systems. EF shows the efficiency rating for tank-less and tank systems. A higher Energy Factor means the hot water system is more efficient.

Need an experienced plumber in Sydney?

Purchasing and replacing a hot water system is a big deal, and you need to consider all your options carefully. It is also essential to get a reputable plumber to handle the installation of the new hot water system because not all plumbing services have the relevant experience to install water heaters. Whether you want to buy a new hot water system, replace, or repair an old unit, or even add a hot water system, we have got you covered. You can contact Mr Plumber Sydney today on 1300 545 993 for all your water heater replacement, servicing, and maintenance needs.




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