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DIY Tips To Fix A Hot Water System

Posted by on April 1, 2014

Hot water systems have an inclination to fail when you require them the most. That being said in the event that you are beyond any doubt to check and maintain your water system especially before the winter sets in so you can avoid many of these issues. Probably the most well known hot water system issues usually incorporate:

  • Zero hot water
  • Rust in the water tank
  • Odor of spoiled eggs
  • A popping clamor
  • A leak around the base
  • A whimpering sound

Preparing for the job:

When performing any DIY repairs at home or troubleshooting your hot water system do the accompanying:

  • Turn the gas or power off to the hot water system.
  • Turn off the water valve.
  • Drain all the water by unscrewing the valve located beneath your water system.

Issue One: No hot water 

Conceivable causes for no hot water incorporate:

  • A bad gas pilot
  • A faulty gas control valve
  • A spoilt thermocouple

Conceivable answers for this issue:

  • Check whether the gas pilot’s flame is still blazing. On the off chance that its not smoldering then it means that the gas is not streaming, as it should.
  • Reposition, tighten or replace your thermocouple.
  • Replace the control valve.

Issue Two: insufficient hot water 

Main causes of this issue include:

  • The unit is small consequently not having the capacity to satisfy demand placed on it.
  • A damaged or broken dip tube which is allowing hot and cool water to blend together.
  • A bad installation, which has crossed both the hot and cool, funnels together.

Conceivable ways to repair this issue:

You need to ensure beyond any doubt that your water system is not overtaxed. You need to have a 40 gallon water system if the demand obliges 30 gallons because 75% of its capacity needs to be hot water.

Open up the gulf funnel areola and remove out the dip tube. On the off chance that it looks like its not doing so good then replace it.

Check whether the association has been checked by turning off all the water supply. Open the hot water tap. On the off chance you see water streaming then you have a crossed association. The most widely recognized issue here is the hot water line associated with the chilly water line like a dishwasher, shower valves or a faucet.

Check if the burner is blazing properly. On the off chance that you have a gas system, the flame needs to be splendid blue with the tip having a slight yellow tinge to it.

Issue Three: Rust shaded water 

A portion of the underlying drivers of this issue are:

  • Erosion has occurred inside the glass lined tank
  • The sacrificial anode may be not working. The anode often fails because the pole breaks up gradually which keeps the tank from rusting. When it fails totally, rust will then follow.

Conceivable Repair

  • You need to replace the anode rod with another magnesium pole. These can be easily purchased from a pipes supply store.

Issue Four: The scent of spoiled eggs 

Bacteria in your hot water tank nourishes off the silt, which can create hydrogen gas which gets blended in with the decay of your sacrificial anode.

Conceivable ways to cure the issue:

  • Totally flush the water system emulated by adding 2 pints or around 3% of a concentrated peroxide with around 40 gallons of water. Also run some of this mixture into your water lines.  
  • Allows the content sit in your tank and funnels for around 2 hours. The content is not toxic and so you don’t have to flush it.  
  • If you keep on having issues, then replace the anode with a zinc one.  
  • If the issue continues, you may need to change the water system and get a plastic lined one.


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