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Commonly faced problems with hot water systems

Posted by on August 18, 2014


Block drains are one of the most annoying events that can happen to your when you are at home. There are various reasons why you would be facing this problem. The most common causes of these blockages included

Foreign objects and debris

Foreign objects that find their way to your drainage may chock your drainage. These objects are usually the objects that are used during cleaning or with water. Soaps, hair, fats, and food are the most common objects that usually block the drain.

Broken pipes

Your drainage may be blocked because the pipes that channel the water are broken. Broken pipes allow foreign objects that are within the path of the pipe to find their way into the drainage system. Once they are within the system, they prevent the flow of water resulting to blockage.

Water flow related issues

Blockage as a result of water flow issues are usually as a result of poor installation. If the pipe is such that it requires the flow to go uphill or flow in a levelled ground without external pressure, chances of blockage are high.

How to tell where the problem lies

If the blockage is on one particular sink or toilet, then the problem is probably with the flow channel of the toilet before it reaches the house drainage system. If more than one sinks or toilets have slow flow or are blocked, then you need to do an inspection on your home pipe work. The problem may be within the house or outside. Look for a square or round plate that les outside your building and check if there is a flow. If the whole neighbourhood is complaining while your whole drainage system is blocked, then the problem is probably with the main drainage system o your neighbourhood.

How to solve the problems DIY

If the blockage is within your house, there are a number of options that you may use to solve the problem. They include:


Grab a toilet plunger and suck water off the blocked sinks or toilets. Fill the sink or the toilet until it is almost full then pump the outlet using the plunger. This way, your will suck the debris or particles that have blocked the system and allow the drainage to continue flowing.

Use Pepsi or Coke

These drinks are good at removing clogs because they dissolve the calcium that may be causing the clog. Grab two litres of any of the mentioned drinks in their room temperature, pour it down the drain, and let the bubble fizz out. One hour later, armed with hot water, rinse the system. You may use baking soda and vinegar instead of the drinks.

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