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An Expert Guide to a Leaking Tap In Sydney

Posted by on June 22, 2020


Leaking taps(faucets) are among the key factors that contribute to high utility bills for residents of Sydney. Having a faucet that leaks 24/7 will cause you to be billed for many liters of water that you did not even utilize. To put it into perspective for you, imagine you have a leaking tap that leaks 30 drips of water a minute. In a day, the tap will be letting up to {(24 ✕ 60 ✕ 30) drips= 43, 200 drips} which are equivalent to 1.8 liters of water going to waste. Since 1 liter of water is equal to 24,000 drips or drops of water, that means your faucet will be wasting at least {(1.8 liters ✕ 30)liters=54liters}of the liquid every month, which you will still pay for anyway. Here is where professional leaking tap Sydney services come in handy. These services repair faucets that leak to stop water wastage, saving the client a lot of money.

Causes of Leakages in Taps

i. A Damaged O Ring

The seal or gasket component found in the swivel joint of your faucet that looks like a ring with a circular cross-section, usually made of rubber may, over time, loosen up or wear out due to frequent use. This can cause the faucet to leak near the handle. The good news is that a damaged O ring problem can be resolved by simply replacing the ring. Likewise, our leaking tap Sydney experts can tackle that without a challenge.

ii. A Worn-Out Washer

Many dripping faucets in Sydney are as a result of a damaged or failing washer, which endures friction each time the faucet is in use. Consequently, water starts dripping around the sprout. Luckily, this sort of water wastage in faucets can be stopped by replacing the washer. Our well-trained leaking tap Sydney professionals can handle this quite easily.

iii. An Unsuitable Washer or Improper Installation of the Washer

A washer that is not compatible or installed as required can cause leakage. In fact, this is another common cause for faucet leakages in Sydney where many washers are fixed incorrectly by poor professionals. Call us to replace or reinstall your washer correctly if you suspect it to be the reason behind your leaky faucet.

iv. Effects of Corrosion on the Valve seat

The valve seat is what connects the faucet and the sprout. A build-up of sediments from water, over time, can cause this important component to corrode with the effects of that resulting in a leakage. Once again, our faucet experts can patch this problem by replacing the valve seat.

Mr. Plumber Sydney

There is no doubt about the fact that having a leaky faucet can cause you to lose a lot of money by paying for water that you don’t even utilize. That can have an unnecessary implication on your finances.

At Mr. Plumber Sydney, we provide faucet or tap repair solutions that are customized to every client’s needs. Whether your faucet leaks because of a worn-out washer, damaged O ring, corroded valve seat, improperly installed washer or any other factor, we can mend it. Our Sydney experts are on standby awaiting your call. If you experience a leaking faucet situation at night, very early in the morning or at any given time when most expert repair services are closed, we can help. That’s because Mr. Plumber Sydney offers 24-hour emergency repair services.





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